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Nicole Jackson
-Deep Swedish
-Sports Massage
-Chronic Pain Management
-Nutrition Coaching
-Movement & Flexibility
-Women's Health



Nicole is a “Jane” of all trades when it comes to holistic healing. She began her journey as a Reiki practitioner, and later became a Reiki master in 2008. Intrigued by the world of energy healing, its effects on her own health, and the health of her clients, she wanted to share that awareness with as many people as she could, and attended massage school in 2008.

Nicole has strong hands but a soothing energy about her that makes for a great massage experience. She is highly intuitive and her hands just seem to know where to go.

In 2012 Nicole decided to become a holistic health coach because she found herself often engaging in conversation about proper nutrition and stress management with her massage clients.  “When I changed my diet...not only did I lose weight, my skin cleared up, my energy levels increased, and so did my mental clarity. I wasn’t emotionally eating, and I felt more connected and in-tune." Nicole wants to be able to help guide people towards making healthier food and lifestyle choices for their overall well-being. She believes we must take care of ourselves first and foremost! “Self-care is so important. I believe in preventative medicine. It’s as simple as eating foods that nourish and regenerate your body, getting regular massages, proper exercise, managing your stress levels, and getting enough sleep.”

Nicole is also a Pranic Healer and she has seen remarkable results in chronic pain relief while working with this modality, which of course is part of ECW's mission in helping clients.

Sandra Spencer

-Deep Neck and Low Back
-Prenatal and Postnatal
-Pre-Event Sports
-Lymphatic Drainage
-Widow's Hump/Lower Neck
-Trigger Point Release
-Movement & Flexibility



People often say that a female therapist is not able to give a deep massage. Sandi's style proves them wrong. Not large in stature, she packs a pretty big wollup on the massage table, and is used to working with big muscled guys!


Sandi was student of Jim's at NMTI in Falls Church, and was hand-picked for ECW. She brings a bright and bubbly personality to massage and to our studio. Originally from upstate New York, this theater major opted to join our profession because of her passion for martial arts, which gives her a very unique perspective and understanding of the human body. Sandi carefully watches her clients' body mechanics, looking for ways to help improve their overall wellness by suggesting easy behavior changes.


Besides all the hats she fills at ECW, Sandi is excellent at Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Geriatric, and Sports techniques. She also has a particular interest in the modality of Lymphatic System Drainage, a body system that helps in immune function, and often damaged by surgeries, cancer, and chemotherapy treatments.


In addition to her extraordinary massage skills and her martial arts expertise, Sandi has worked as a swimming coach/instructor, making her a perfect fit for the ECWellness team. Sandi works Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and every other Saturday or Sundays.

-Sports Injuries
-Shoulder Dysfunctions
-Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain
-Restless Leg Syndrome
-Gait and Balance Therapy
-Aquatic Therapy and Rehab
-Massage School Instructor
-Cert. Continuing Ed Provider


Our owner and mentor is known as "Mr. Shoulders" and has the philosophy that a therapist should work "with you, not on you." With 10 years of experience, Jim's innate ability to see and understand the connections in the body aids him to teach our therapists about various body dysfunctions and the rehabilitation of sports injuries. Chronic pain management, and more specifically variations of Fibromyalgia and Restless Leg Syndrome, are special areas of interest to Jim because he suffers from these conditions. Jim added aquatic therapy and rehab to his skills in 2011, has attended Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute classes in multiple innovative techniques, including the newer modality, AquaStretch™. Jim is also a certified national continuing education provider for NCBTMB, teaching his own approved continuing ed courses to groups of other therapists both locally and nationwide. Keeping the studio running smoothly keeps Jim pretty busy, and he does not see clients on the ECW schedule.

Terence best_copy
-Deep Swedish
-Sports Massage
-Hot Stone
-Movement & Flexibility
-Sports Massage


Terence, often called the “Gentle Giant” because of his calm demeanor yet robust energy, is a licensed massage therapist with a sound understanding of the human body.  He is specially trained in many different massage modalities, and has several years of experience. He was a student of Jim’s at massage school and continued to be mentored by Jim through the years.

What stands out most about him is that, he cares. He wants to make you feel better, and he uses all his tools towards achieving that goal. His large, firm, and warm hands engulf your muscles and manipulates them to release tension. His tall frame, long arms, and robust physical strength enables him to stretch, lift, and twist you in every direction necessary to get a release, increase range of motion, alleviate pain, and enhance performance.

He is adept with shoulder work, lower back, hip, thigh, calves, and foot. His experience with Tennis, Soccer as well as Track and Field compelled his interest in improving the health and wellness of fellow athletes and non-athletes. As intense as some of his sessions can be, he is also able provide a very calm and soothing massage experience if that’s what is required. His sessions are tailored to his client’s needs.

Terence was born and raised in Cameroon, and He appreciates natural forms of healing. He strives to honor the body, mind and spirit of all those he encounters and to offer a professional and personalized massage experience, helping you attain and maintain good health. .


-Deep Tissue
-Thai On The Table
-Neck, Back and Shoulders



Steve believes in a well balanced, healthy lifestyle and strives to achieve daily harmony in mind, body and soul. Knowing the long term impact of stress on a person's body and spirit, he attempts to reverse the negative impacts of life with positive energy and a personalized, caring touch.

Graduating from NMTI in 2010, Steve brings more than 6 years of experience to his clients and has mastered a wide range of modalities that he incorporates into his massage. Combining massage techniques derived from Swedish, Deep tissue, Thai and Sports massage, his product is truly unique and addresses any issues a client may be experiencing.

Working in a Chiropractor's office, Steve encountered people with many different types of injuries. He learned to target specific areas of the body to achieve maximum results and relieve pain. Stretching is also an integral part of his technique, which is especially helpful for athletes before and after a sporting event. He is well versed in sports massage and relieving neck and back pain. Clients often leave feeling refreshed and invigorated, with greater mobility and reduced pain. He often counsels his clients on simple daily stretching and exercise techniques to help them maintain health and proper balance.

-Deep Swedish
-Sports Massage
-Hot Stone
-Movement & Flexibility
-Sports Massage

Antoine Coleman

Antoine is a certified massage therapist with over six years of experience in the field. Throughout his time practicing, he has worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from runners, team sport players, professional workers, and laborers from all fields. He has built a dedicated clientele wherever he has worked and he has brought his talents to EC wellness to serve you.

He specializes in shoulder work, lower back, hips, hamstring, quads and calves. He uses his wide variety of techniques to access the problem areas in the muscles and works them out to relief you from pain or any sort of discomfort. His large frame, arm strength and knowledge of muscles allows him to isolate specific muscles and stretch them out in different directions to increase range of motion.

His large and warm hands enable him to generate deep pressure while performing deep tissue massages, leaving the muscles free of any tension. His skills are not limited to stretching and deep work. He is adept at performing relaxing massages that leave you feeling good for days. He is a strong believer in natural healing thinks everyone deserves a good massage often.

Antoine is a graduate from National Massage Therapy Institute, and has been trained by Jim to better serve you here at EC wellness. . .

-Deep Swedish
-Sports Massage
-Hot Stone
-Movement & Flexibility
-Sports Massage

Loic Rostand

Loic, is our resident French therapist and studio coordinator. He is highly skilled with his hands with an even more charming personality. He is a professionally trained Massage Therapist with a strong belief in the healing power of massage. He believes no one should get on a massage table and wake up feeling the same. He uses his wide array of techniques to effectively address the therapeutic needs of your body, while creating deep relief and relaxation at the same time.

We call him the “leg guy” because he loves working on the muscles of the lower body. Lower back, quads, hamstrings, calves and foot. His long reach, large and strong hands gives him room to effectively manipulate your muscles, stretch you and realign your body. He has an impressive ability to generate deep pressure for deep tissue massages.

His French background and wit adds to his charisma, which creates a great a relaxing atmosphere for you from the moment you walk through the door. He has a passion for people and improving their well-being is his ultimate goal. ‘Vous Venez mal en point et repartirez en bon point'. . .