Thomas Circle 202 347-8200
1218 M St. NW, WDC   20005

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Tom - "Jim is a fantastic masseur. He was very patient in setting up the appointment with me and answering my questions. He answered emails professionally and quickly. Entering his studio, I found it cozy and comfortable. Jim was the perfect mix of silence to allow me to relax and talkative to make me feel at ease. When I left Jim, I wasn't sore, but definitely felt like I'd had a good "workout!"


Ideen from Yelp: "I can definitely see why this place has such good reviews. I've had about 30 massages in my life; and this one definitely ranks near the top. Charles was very friendly and thorough, and used a whole combination of excellent techniques (deep tissue, asking me to breathe in/out at times to enhance the technique, thai/yoga massage, and trigger point therapy).. It was obvious that he knew what he was doing and that he cared. I ended up tacking on a little time for an extra fee. My shoulder is feeling much better, and it's certainly thanks to just one session with these guys!"


"Sandra was absolutely fantastic!! I left in much less pain than I arrived in. She also gave me several stretches and life-style recommendations for dealing with my lower back pain. Greatly appreciated the time she took and the knowledge she shared."


A.J. from Yelp: "When I found out that this place is right across from the metro, I was delighted. I was more delighted, however, by the friendliness and professionalism of the staff. I am happy to have found Conrad (one of their therapists) who has clearly mastered the art of finding my (what he called) trigger points, ultimately easing a tremendous amount of tension, pressure and pain in my lower back and other areas. This gift has been elusive for many of the therapists I've used over the years. This place is definitely worth a visit!"


Jennifer - "It has been just over a week since I saw Charles for a massage and my back is feeling better than it has in a very long time. I so appreciate all the attention you gave to my knots and sore spots. I’ve had many massages but yours was by far the most effective."


"I've has massages with both Jim and Conrad, and they were both fantastic. Jim was very knowledgeable and able to pinpoint how to alleviate my shoulder pain, and Conrad was able to follow up using similar techniques. Other massages I've had have not been deep enough, or seemed more spa like. These massages were truly therapeutic."


Teresa - "I received a deep tissue massage and it was the best I have ever had! He worked out every knot and relaxed me so much that I had a smile on my face for the rest of the weekend. I know it did wonders when my husband said that I looked completely “chilled."


Jeff - "Jim knows the techniques and the anatomical reasons behind the pain. Look no further."


Bob - "I am a triathlete, and I have finally found the massage that helps my training! I have never had a massage where we worked as a team. A real find for any competitive athlete!"


Jack - "I've been going to Jim for several years now. From my first appointment with him I realized that I had never had a 'real' massage before. Jim has a relaxed, natural approach that keeps the atmosphere personal."


Joe - "He found knots that I didn't even know were there. Throughout the whole massage, he was attentive, professional, strong ,and persistent in his strokes. You'll like his razor sharp wit. I will be a repeat client, I assure you."