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Inclement Weather and Illness Policies

Inclement Weather:

A snowy day seems like a great time to get a warm, cozy massage however Expertly Crafted Wellness takes the safety of both our clients and employees very seriously. Because many of our therapists commute from beyond metro accessibility we may be more inclined to close sooner than some other studios.  Our general policy is that if the Federal Government is closed we will give our employees and clients the option of coming in or not, however we always hope to open for business. Our 24 hour cancellation policy applies even if the government is open, opens late, or is on unscheduled leave, charges will be made for  late cancellations.   If Metro buses are not running then we will close two hours prior to the bus system.   Voice mail messages will be kept updated during times of extreme weather, we will do our best to notify clients 24 hours prior to closing when possible. Someone is always assigned to returning urgent calls.  Please stay safe this winter!

Client Illness:

If you are ill, the last thing we want you to do is get a massage. It will make your cold or flu worse, and more importantly your therapist will expose others unknowingly.  Most of the time we know when we are about to come down with a cold. The flu makes us so ill we can barely move, so generally there is some warning or precursors to an illness.  Out of respect for our therapist's and their income, Expertly Crafted Wellness does maintain a full 24 hour cancellation policy even during illness and family emergency's.  Please try to remember when you are ill, to cancel your appointment in a timely fashion in order to not be charged.