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This is a great video that explains the neurological connections to conditions like Fibromyalgia and other conditions that cause chronic pain.  Chronic pain can start from emotional or physical traumas and many times from unexplainable events in our lives. Some conventional pain management programs are no more than a band aide with adverse side effects including the possibility over overdose!

Sometimes there are still underlying soft tissue issues such as adhesions (stuck fibers and tissues) that can continue to contribute to the chronic pain cycle. Even after resolution to these problems, pain can still persist or even worsen over time.  Massage and Aquastretch TM not only breaks up the these adhesions and gets your tissue and joints moving again, but several massage modalities also help retrain the brain and reconnect the neurological patterns.  Once your body is moving again and loosened, then strengthing can begin and the major steps to taking control of your life is back in your hands!