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Expertly Crafted Wellness is a place where both the art and science of wellness are merged to achieve the maximum benefit possible.

Even minor injuries, or simply the effects of aging, cause posture shifts. Our muscles become restricted, and then these differences between tense and weak muscles place greater stress on our joints. Our bodies compensate. Very slowly, pain, stiffness, and loss of motion set in, and more compensation takes place. Many therapies ease these aches and pains and improve our ability to heal by breaking up scar tissue and creating a direct body/mind awareness of our postural changes. Get results with our highly trained, outcome-based therapists!

Being intriged by the story of our owner Jim, in January our insurance brokerage asked if it would be possible to send a film crew into the ECW studio to capture a "day in the life" short video presentation. We are proud and honored to be featured as part of their "Small Business Partner" series.